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crazy 18 hours in my lifes. From: melox0048



crazy 18 hours in my lifes.

Posted by: "melox0048"   melox0048

Sat Jan 5, 2008 10:00 pm (PST)

We - I and my girlfriend.
Once upon a time we have solved to make the evening party and check the action feminine viagra.
Have Bought the tablets, champaign and started to wait output.
When has approached output - have collected the evening party and have well drunk.
When friends to leave, I have filled two goblets blame itself and girlfriend, and has added the pills.
while they opened, we with Jessy spoke of different - entered to bid farewell Glory, sister Jessy.
Seen two goblets, she has taken one of them and has offered to drink.
We with Jessy not become her stop.
That was afterwards.........
Shall Say only that this was the most mad 18 hours in my lifes.
You Want as we?

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