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Sharing A Simple Man's in Blogs: 14,766

Posted by: "melox0048"   melox0048

Thu Jan 3, 2008 12:20 am (PST)

Blogs are a simple way to tell about your life. They're a great way to find out more about other members and to tell people more about yourself and your real life
experiences with people you've met on GayPersonals!
Forum Name:
BDSM (26 posts)
Places for people to explore bondage, dominance, submission, sado/masochism, and other forms of kinky play.
Group Sex (24 posts)
For groups about orgies and sex parties, threesomes, orgy/group sex etiquette, safe sex with groups, jealousy issues, and people looking for orgy partners.
Barebacking (22 posts)
For those who like to ride without a condom, fluid bonded partners, or those who like to live on the edge
In the closet (34 posts)
A discussion place for those who have kept their sexual orientation private from friends and family, either due to fear of discrimination, family disapproval, rejection, or other privacy issues.
Blogging (127 posts)
Groups for Bloggers to trade ideas with fellow Bloggers and discuss the future of the Blogosphere.
Masturbation (14 posts)
This is the place for groups about mutual masturbation, discussion of techniques, and masturbation stories.
Erotic Fiction (22 posts)
For writers and readers of amateur and professional erotic fiction.
Exhibitionism (25 posts)
For those who like to display their bodies or perform sexual acts in front of others. What.s fun, what.s safe, and legal issues involved.
Gay Clubs/Nightlife (16 posts)
Post about the hottest gay spots and nightclubs!
Transvestite/Drag Queens (12 posts)
The place for people who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex.
Travel (17 posts)
For groups interested in travel for business or pleasure, including topics such as local gay bars/businesses, cultural differences, travel advice and warnings, and the best places to go.

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