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Business Success in 2008 From: Tom Thio



Business Success in 2008

Posted by: "Tom Thio"   tthio

Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:46 am (PST)

Please submit the form in or contact for more information.

Build Your Business For Success in 2008

With Keynote Speaker, Daniel Priestly

Your business isn't static. It's constantly moving through cycles, just like with the seasons. Let's take a look at the cycle of business, what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who should be involved…

Eight Cycles to observe...
Businesses move in cycles. Just like the weather, sometimes your business will be hot and exciting, and sometimes it will be so cold it's almost not worth picking up the phone.
There are eight cycles in business. When you know what they are and what to do in each, you find greater ease and understanding - inevitably leading to greater success.

The Eight Cycles are:
1. Creation: Coming up with an idea to work on
2. Attraction: Testing to see if others like the concept
3. Team: Assembling a team to become involved in the idea
4. Deal Making: Securing the components in the right way
5. Trading: Taking the concept to market
6. Asset Accumulation: Building barriers to entry
7. Refining Cashflow: Streamlining the business expenses
8. Systemizing: Ordering your process so that it can be replicated

Any time your business isn't going to plan you may not necessarily need to go "back to the drawing board". Many businesses begin trading with poor deals in place; whilst other businesses begin systemizing before they have a proven concept – no need to start a new business, just go back to your cycle!
Predominantly, YOU will be more effective during some parts of the cycle and very frustrated during others. People who thrive in the new ideas stage might find it hard to get the right deal in place and vice versa (even though they might think they're good at it!).

This workshop will help you to understand:
* How you can recognise these cycles
* What to focus on during each phase to progress your business
* How to adapt your strategy in each cycle
* Who should lead the team during each cycle
* When should you push hard in the market
* When is the right time to put systems in place
* When to invest into your business/seek investment

Get your New Year off to a flying start with a clear-cut strategy for business success in the year 2008!

To make this offer as enticing as possible, we're including 2 special bonuses just for coming along.
As a free bonus, you will also be invited to attend a special post event coffee session hosted by Daniel Priestly. Learn about social enterprise, business leadership and how entrepreneurs are changing the world!
Bonus 2
Xtra Special Bonus - 50% off to Discover your Wealth Profile
Regular US$100 - Register now for 50% discount here
Seating is limited:
Seats for this event will fill very quickly, so use the form on the top-right of this page and book your seats today to avoid disappointment ...
Batur Room, Mercantile Athletic Club, WTC - Lt 18,
Jl Sudirman, Jakarta
January 15th, 2008
9.00am to 5pm

Rp 950.000/-
Rp 450.000/- (including lunch) limited to first 50 people who sign up before Monday, Jan 7th 2008
Buy One, Get One Tree! One tree per attendee will be planted as our gift to Indonesia - organized by our friends at Yayasan Tanam Pohon Indonesia (

As the Director of Triumphant Events UK - the fastest growing company of its kind on the UK, Daniel Priestly is renowned for his creative approach to starting new companies and entering new markets. There are few that can compete with his dynamic entrepreneurial style.
Daniel founded his first company in 2002 in Australia at the age of 21. Within 13 months the company was turning over approximately AU$1M. He has since launched over 9 businesses and products into new markets with most ventures achieving 6 figure sales in the first 3 months.
In 2006 Daniel moved from Australia to launch an office in London. Arriving with but a suitcase and a credit card, Daniel quickly set about building his connections in London. In the first 12 months of operation in the UK the company achieved more than US$1M turnover.
With Triumphant Events UK growing rapidly, Daniel is in constant demand around the world and speaks to audiences throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. His topic; Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Daniel is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a business advisor to Global Angels ( He is also a long time supporter of StepUP Foundation ( and is attending the 30th annual summit for "The Hunger Project".

Register Now
more details, please fill up forms in and our representative will contact you soon.

09am – 10am
Registration and networking
10am – 12 noon
Understanding the eight business stages
Q and A
12:30 – 01.30pm
Lunch and networking
1.30pm – 3:30pm
Action steps to create a fast growth company
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Q and A

Special Bonus Coffee session - Connecting with entrepreneurs all over the world to create more and contribute more (Do not miss this bonus session!)

Robert (WoW) De Souza - Daniel is smart entrepreneur who knows how to connect people.
Matt Castle (On-line video) - It is clear from the success of his business that Daniel is one of the great entrepreneurs of our time; not only that he has clear vision beyond his business interests.
Getrude Matshe (International Speaker and Author) - I am humbled and honoured to hae made Daniel Prestley's aquaintence.
His honesty and integrity is demonstrated by his actions and if you want to accelerate your progress and achieve your goals at warp speed have Daniel in your network.
Vicki Wusche - Wow talking about going places, Daniel is a man on a mission smile
I have had a couple of occassions to attend events that Daniel has organised. They are always informative and fun!
Bimpe Temowo - Great guy, with a great vision and focus!
He is very down to earth and a real inspiration.
Stuart Beattie (Black Opal Consulting) - Daniel is the creative force behind one of the best businesses I know for learning from what it's doing - and improving what it's doing on that basis. It's both a pleasure and an adventure to be connected with him and his business.
Lindsay Hart - Daniel is a true social entrepreneur - sees the opportunities and makes them work for all around him.
He has many great qualities - insight, focus, a great sense of humour to name just a few.
Thomas Power (Founder or
In my opinion one of the finest networkers in London, perhaps in the world.
Charming and delightful to spend time with.
Matthew Newnham ( Delt Change Management) - Daniel has an inspiring story to tell, and despite his rapidly achieved success, he is very grounded, approachable, and focused on making a difference to as many people as possible. He sets standards that inspire all around him, and his higher purpose serves as a shining reminder to anyone who wants to reach out and help others.
Harun (The Persuader) Rabbani - Daniel is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs and wealth-creators that I have ever met. Here's a man who walks his talk and delivers with style and certain!
Organized by XL Indonesia

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