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First time Available for Public. Kirim email ke 1.3 juta yahoogroups

Posted by: "Tom Thio"   tthio

Sat Dec 1, 2007 5:50 am (PST)


A friend of mine is subscribed to 1200 yahoogroups (which take a long time to do manually). Total email is around 1.3 millions. The email is double subscribed. Most of the yahoogroups are moderated. So far no significant problem.

We've done this kind of advertising for so many people.

If you have any product you want to send to all these people, please email Fee starts at introductory price of Rp. 75.000,00. There is discount for bulk buyers and those who can show seriousness on becoming repeat customers.

Samples of past successful campaign:

1. Selling e-book on how to learn math.
2. Promoting Thin Prep, a much cheaper cost efficient method to test women for pap smear and avoid costly and deadly cervical cancer (I am proud of having promoted that product).
3. If you want to hire people, we managed to find many good qualified resumes.
4. Real estates.
5. Product testing. Want to sell product and want to know whether it'll sell well or not? Try blast it once and see the response.

Basically, we'll coach you about what used to work and what's the most effective method to do so.

Again please email . We can only send 2 emails per day. So early bird will get in the queue early.

NB:Also available are import export yahoogroups. This is suitable for those who want to buy or sell products or service from other countries. Also, you "may" earn an American salary if you can provide services American want to buy that you can do all the way from here. This is good for programmers, etc. Just post your shorten resume and see interested people coming.

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