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Athletic Bilbao 0 vs 0 AC Milan From: LaTRelL SpreWelL



Athletic Bilbao 0 vs 0 AC Milan

Posted by: "LaTRelL SpreWelL"   badp0il

Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:11 am (PST)

Oct 12, 2007
Athletic Bilbao 0 vs 0 AC Milan

Pemain yang dipersiapakan :

PORTIERI: Fiori, Kalac
DIFENSORI: Bruscagin (37), Cafu, Cosner (41), Darmian (36), Favalli, Maldini, Nesta, Serginho
CENTROCAMPISTI: Ancelotti D. (39), Brocchi, Caraglia (38), Emerson, Gourcuff
ATTACCANTI: Aubameyang, Gilardino, Pato.

Starter :






Pelatih : Mauro Tassoti
(Carletto istirahat pasca operasi ringan)

Substitute :

Darmian in for Nesta
Bruscagin in for Maldini
Aubameyang in for Pato
Fiori in for Kalac
Cosner in for Serginho

Nesta ditarik keluar karena cedera paha. Semoga ngga serius.

Welcome back San Paolo & Sergio !!
Selamat buat Brocchi yang jadi captain setelah maldini keluar (hehehe)

source : forum sebelah yang member nya nonton via streaming (kapan ya koneksi internet indonesia sebaik teman2 di luar negeri. hiks)

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