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Quran ????????? From: Dina
(no subject) From: ka2_santy



Quran ?????????

Posted by: "Dina"   dina_mm_2020

Sat Jul 7, 2007 8:39 am (PST)

did u ever listen to Quran ??

did u ever let ur self listen to the beautifull words od if/? i did and
i am telling u it is fantastic how rest u feel how joy u feel ..?!! i
cannot discribe it ..but :D yeah this is the way it goes when u leisten
to god's words,..

i am asking u 'couse u r having a false background about it ..
if u really wonna talk about the only book without mistakes.
the miracle of miracles then u should read this book QURAN.
it is enough to know that god challenes all people to produce just
aphras like it ..or to find a mistake and u will not find a mistake in
it .. :)
iam Dina and i hope u listen to this audio it is a recitaton of one
chapter called Mariam or Mary is telling the story of Mary and her
son Isa or Jesus is considered one of the most beautifull chapters
in the quran .

u will say it is not areligous group :) yes but u have to have a
backgroud of this religone and konw why is it the most growing one in
the world and why there r hundereds of people all over the world enter
it ..
u will not lose anythingu read millions of books u will not loos
anything if u read it and knew what is the millions of people believe in
..i think u will benefit at least richen ur knowledge information..:D

sorry if i longten this message .

this site is usefull too in knowing what is the realit y of islam .. <> <>\


thank u all.

accept it or not accpet it but u have to know what really is it to judge
fairly and to be just ..know it first then say ur opiion..thanks all

by the way this site includes the meanings of Quran in all langugaes
:italian spanish german allllll <>


(no subject)

Posted by: "ka2_santy"   ka2_santy

Sat Jul 7, 2007 11:42 pm (PST)

Kaka, jgn pindah dong

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