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Pirlo The Pass Master (Trilly Campanellino emang maestro)

Posted by: "Dewa Nugraha"   guitar_staccato

Fri May 11, 2007 10:12 pm (PST)

Guys ada sedikit cerita tentang pirlo dari milanisti luar, orang2 ini
emang bener2 makkkkkk nyoooossssssssss puolllllllllll

Pirlo the pass master

As Liverpool FC's scouts are no doubt discovering as they prepare for
the 2006/07 UEFA Champions league final, AC Milan's midfield is the
complete package. Gennaro Gattuso supplies grit, Clarence Seedorf the
guile and Kaká has his familiar tricky feet and explosive strike. The
fourth musketeer, Andrea Pirlo, arguably possesses all of the above
and as Peter Sanderson discovered after spending a few hours on the
training ground with the man they call Trilly Campanellino
(Tinkerbell), he is not bad at the crossbar challenge either.

New darling
As my train trundled into Milan, I could not help notice some
graffiti. "Se Baggio è il principe del codino, allora Pirlo è il re",
it said which, the Italian chap next to me kindly translated as "if
Baggio is our pony-tailed prince, then Pirlo is our king". The writing
may have been muddled but the message was clear. After helping the
Azzurri to FIFA World Cup glory, Pirlo is the new darling of Italian
football. His face is blazoned across every billboard, his reputation
bolstered by every mesmerising pass. Fans across the globe may find a
small place in their heart for the Emersons and Claude Makeleles of
this world but they usually reserve their true love for the
entertainers such as Kakà and Ronaldinho. With Pirlo, you buy one and
get the other free.

Dream job
My task for the day is the kind of fantasy job every fan dreams of. I
was to be given a 60-minute lesson in passing from the pass master
himself as part of a new project called the UEFA Training
Ground, which aims to get the stars to show youngsters how to get the
most out of the beautiful game. Juan Román Riquelme, Diego Forlán and
Pirlo's Milan team-mate Cafu have all imparted their wisdom, while
elsewhere on the site Lars Lagerbäck and Roy Hodgson mull over the
chalkboard discussing technical matters. Others have provided skills
and drills to help improve players' games, but for now Pirlo was my
focus. As he sauntered over to me in that typical languid manner of
his, my legs started to tremble. What was I doing on the same pitch as
this man? He scored a penalty in a FIFA World Cup final and, if the
Rossoneri beat Liverpool on 23 May, could win a second UEFA Champions
League medal.

'Technique and concentration'
In contrast, I was dropped from my school team at 12 for scoring four
own goals in nine games and the last time I hit a lofted pass it
deflected off my grandmother's washing line and broke my neighbour's
greenhouse. After a flurry of ciaos, 4,000 misdirected passes (by me)
and a good old fashioned handshake, my passing had improved from
utterly hopeless to merely below average. "It's all about technique
and concentration," Pirlo explained. "I spent years working at my game
to get to where I am. I hit some terrible passes along the way too but
it's amazing what a small piece of advice from someone who has been in
the game so long can do for a player. I hope my knowledge can help all
the young players out there just as it has helped you."

Crossbar challenge
What followed will live with me for the rest of my life. The hour we'd
been promised had long since passed but Pirlo seemed in no rush to go.
If you have ever seen the advert where Ronaldinho thumps five
consecutive shots against the crossbar and refused to believe it was
possible then read on. Pirlo turned to me and asked: "Reckon I can hit
the bar from here?" "No," I replied. It seemed a fair guess as he was
fully 35 metres out. Before I had chance to change my mind he had sent
a thunderous shot crashing against the bar. He turned to me and said:
"Reckon I can do it again?" "No," I replied. Boom, crash. Two out of
two. The third time he didn't bother asking yet incredibly the ball
homed in on the crossbar like an Exocet missile. As the fourth ball
pinged against the crossbar and back to his feet everyone grew silent
in awe and he made sure he kept things that way by hitting the bar a
fifth time. He left the pitch with a wry smile, to a standing ovation
from everyone who had witnessed it. Better still, UEFA Training Ground
got it all on camera.

UEFA Training Ground launches on on 17 May.

ini resmi dari Uefa lho, gimana mak nyoss ga akang pirlo nendang bola
kena mistar 5x dari jarak 35 meter !!ronaldinho lewatttttttt!! lewat
ga ya?????(klo ada gw cariin videonya dech, klo ada ya)

forza Milan
one for all and all for milan
lets play, fight, and battle to win the 7th CL Trophy

Forza Milan


Re: (OOT) Setuju..

Posted by: "SURENYENK"   yudianamist

Sat May 12, 2007 1:20 am (PST)

ada apaan sich.....sampai kampret....begitu....malu begoooooo..

sama tetangga sebelah...

Don Rudy <> wrote: On 5/11/07, Black Dahlia <> wrote:
> (Ats) Tetep aje yang namenye pengusung itu Afrika. Hehehe Jun,
> aktraktif ? Kok gak bisa bobolin Barthez seh (dua kali bung !! 98 &
> 06, belajar aja sama Italia, bagaimana caranya ngebobolin gawang
> Perancis. Kok malah Prancis yang menari-nari lewat Zidane (pemain
> REAL MADRID gitu lohh)..

Ini sudah OOT kan?, yup...pemain Real Madrid yang ga punya mental Juara.
Heran, kenapa setelah dia pindah ke Madrid bisa-bisanya melakukan tindakan
konyol dengan menanduk Materazzi di final Piala Dunia kemarin. Gw yakin, klo
dia masih bermain di Serie A...doi ga bakalan melakukan tindakan sebodoh
itu. Di Piala Dunia 2002 dia juga sudah berstatus pemain Madrid yak? pantes
aja di Piala Dunia Korea/Jepang permainannya acakadul. Klo sudah di ajang
internasional, pemain2 madrid tuh ga ada apa-apanya.

AC Milan atau tidak sama sekal!
FORZA INDONESIA >> Tak pernah berhenti berharap Indonesia bisa tampil di
Piala Dunia.

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